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Regular Expressions (REGEX)

Finding patterns that are not polkadots or stripes.

Different Regular Expressions

POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) and PERL Style Regular Expressionsis are the two types of regex used in PHP... well they were! POSIX was eventually depreciated in PHP 5.3.0 and thus you should avoid the use of the POSIX syntax and the PHP functions that support the syntax. These are easily identifiable as their function names begin with ereg. As we move forward we will only examine the PERL style of regex currently supported in PHP. For complete transparency sake you will not find all you may need to know about regex, and how to use it in PHP, here. There are books on the subject, big thick books, and websites dedicated to sole subject matter. If you need instant gratification then take a look at one of my favorite tools (www.regexpal.com)

You're Done!

Well not really... You should checkout PHP structures next.