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Mike Norris

Versatile, software craftsman with a history of delivering
quality products for enterprise class platforms

Extended Bio


  • Over 10 years of cross-industry experience in web development in industries centered around: Accounting, Telecommunications, and E-Commerce
  • Areas of expertise – Complex, Enterprise software solutions, User experience, Usability, Code refactoring & simplification, and code reusability.

After several years (2008-2012) in the accounting industry, Mike joined Cbeyond in 2012 as a developer on the Cbeyond Wholesale Cloud Platform team. Since joining Cbeyond, he has leveraged his cross-industry skillset and versatility to great success, delivering a billing platform from scratch and several other key integration and front-end solutions. Prior to joining the Cbeyond team he served as the senior web developer at OpenRDA and was the founding programmer of OpenSelfServe, a human resource self service application. Following the Birch Communication acquisition of Cbeyond in the summer of 2014, Mike remained on the team advancing to his current role of Development Lead.

Mike thrives in a team-oriented, Agile environment, with a strong emphasis on independent accomplishments. He has a self-driven work ethic and a natural capacity to see the larger picture across multiple projects by quickly recognizing key points of intersection. Mike has a strong passion for web standards (W3C), discovering new advancements in web technologies and applying integration best practices to his work.

Some of Mike’s most significant accomplishments are:

  • Founding developer of the OpenSelfServe for OpenRDA (2010-2012).
  • Member of the launch team for Cbeyond’s Wholesale Cloud Platform (2012)
  • Envisioned and delivered Cbeyond Wholesale Cloud Billing Platform (2012)
  • Bandwidth and Level3 DID ordering and E911 provisioning for the Cbeyond Wholesale Cloud Platform (2013)
  • Developed the DID ordering wizard (2013)
  • Envisioned and delivered ICARE, a toll fraud monitoring tool for the Cbeyond Wholesale Cloud Platform (2014)

In addition to his work at Birch (dba. Cbeyond), Mike enjoys mentoring his son in baseball and watching his daughter play soccer. He also enjoys fishing and camping with his family throughout the year, and playing guitar.